January 22, 2022
belkin router setup

Two Things You Ought To Perform When Getting A New Router

Most of the people who purchase the new router are crazy about knowing the speed and performance of it by connecting to the existing Wi-Fi and we have to agree to the fact that latest technology routers are indeed offering the same what customer wants.

In today’s generation powerful routers are available in the market which can easily be seen on your neighbor’s device Wi-Fi list which means if they know the password of your SSID, then can easily connect to it and tracing the default password is not a big issue if the Wi-Fi is left open.

To keep the network and the devices safe, it is always recommended to follow the below mentioned 2 important things while configuring the Belkin.

  1. Change SSID immediately.
  2. Setup a new secured password.

Changing the SSID

Every wireless network has its own SSID which is defined as the name of the network. When you set up a network, the default SSID of the router will be displayed. In the default SSID, you will find the model name and make. Hackers can easily log in to the router by taking advantage of default login details.

You ought to change the SSID of your network. It would be the best idea to change the SSID just like naming a newborn child.

Just keep in mind that the SSID should not contain any personal information for the network. This name will be displayed to all who are in the range of that Wi-Fi.

Some examples of crazy names for Wi-Fi:

  • Willyoumarry
  • M behind him
  • youarecool.
  • Many more.

Set secure password

Do you know how difficult it would be for you if someone starts using unprotected Wi-Fi without your knowledge? He can easily trace back and do anything with your network. So, we can well understand the reasons for online security and password protection. The best way to protect the network from online attacks is by keeping the passwords as difficult as possible and don’t use any personal information in it.

While creating a new password, the following things should be kept in mind. We are going to discuss one by one.

  • The password should be a minimum of 8 characters long.
  • It must be a combination of upper case and lower case characters.
  • Don’t write ‘Password’ directly in the password field. Enter something different.
  • Don’t add surname, name, and date of birth or address in the password. These passwords can be easily traced by your friends or colleagues.

These 2 things are must which you should change after configuring the router for the first time. If you keep them as it is, there are chances of being tracked by someone.

We can assist you with Belkin WiFi Extender setup, so if you have just bought Belkin Wi-Fi Extender and want to set it up with your existing router, then all you need to do is make a secure connection between two devices followed by setting up the extender via computer. For more details, you can also visit the Belkin’s Official support website: https://www.belkin.com/us/support/

Belkin Extender Setup

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