January 22, 2022

Should You Change The Default Name (SSID) Of Your Belkin Wireless Router?

The Wi-Fi routers and Wi-Fi access points allow setting up an identifiable wireless network thanks to their name or “SSID”. These devices can be configured with a default SSID decided by the Belkin at the factory. Usually, all devices in the same product line will have the same SSID by default. If you’re wondering if you should change the default SSID of your router, the answer is simple: Yes, you really should!


Makers of Belkin Routers can choose just about anything for their default SSIDs, but these usually look like this:

  1. Wireless network
  2. Belkin Router
  3. Router model
  4. “Default”

If you use the same router model as your neighbor, it is likely that you have the same SSID. This can be a security disaster, especially if none of you are using encryption. Check the name of your private network and if it still has its default name, change it.

Do I have to change SSID?

An SSID can be changed at any time via the router management interface. If you change it when devices are connected to it, they will all be disconnected at the change and will need to reconnect to the new network manually. In addition to this small manipulation, changing the network name does not affect the network at all.

If two networks with identical or same name are installed in vicinity, users and devices could be mistaken and try to connect to the wrong Wi-Fi network. In case, both the networks are open (if they do not use a password), one device can automatically disconnect from the right network to connect to the other one it catches better. In fact, even with a password in place, I do not recommend naming your network as your neighbor to avoid confusion.

Today IT security experts are debating whether manufacturers should offer a different default SSID for each device to further secure home networks. On the contrary, the name of the network has no impact on a hacker’s ability to infiltrate a network, on the other side or even several routers with a default SSID in a neighborhood can give information to the hacker to attack the targets having the least secure their network.

Choose a good SSID

To improve the security of your home network, we have seen that it is preferable that you change the default SSID of your router. However, what kind of SSID should you choose?

The SSID most often than not is case sensitive and also have  around 32 characters. To choose your new network name I advise you to proceed as follows:

  1. Do not include any personal information in the name of your network (address, name, phone number and date of birth, etc.)
  2. Do not use any of the passwords related to internet or Windows
  3. Do not tempt the neighborhood hacker with a name like “Test Me” or “Top Secret”!
  4. Choose an SSID with letters and numbers
  5. Choose the longest possible SSID, if you can fill the 32 Characters it’s even better
  6. Change regularly for extra security – once every 2-3 months
  7. You can write the SSID on a piece of paper to find it easily, but NEVER write your password!

Once you have chosen your new network name, it will be quite easy to making the change. Type it in the SSID or Network Name section of your router’s administration and save the changes to make the change. No need to restart the router unless you are explicitly asked in the configuration wizard.

We offer support for Belkin Range Extender Setup. If you are using this Wi-Fi range extender and want to know how to set it up, then you should get in touch with our experts. For further queries, you can visit the Belkin’s official support website: https://www.belkin.com/us/support/

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