November 28, 2021

Most Effective Ways To Check Belkin Router For Malware And Easy Steps To Get Out Of It

Routers are highly strung to online hackers. They take advantage of mushy manufacturers who pay little attention to their devices after development. With the help of some effective ways, you can easily figure out whether the Belkin router has malware or not.

It is always the tendency of router manufacturer to keep on developing new products one after another without considering the security measures and its updates.

When attackers attack the router, they first change DNS settings and redirect the router page to phishing websites. When you try to login to the router page, you will find a new website opened in place of the router itself.

Some people can easily make out whether they are accessing the right or phishing website. The best way to find out is by checking the URL of the website.

More and more ads, drives and different web-pages will get opened on the screen. This is possible with the help of Google analytics through which the attackers inject ads. If any explicit content is being shown on the screen, then it is quite sure that your router has been compromised.

How to check?

If the default DNS settings are changed or modified, then it means your router is hacked. To check the DNS address and setting the s, go to the login window and check the DNS network gateway. From here, you can read on-screen instructions.

Login to the router page with default credentials. You will find ‘WAN internet settings’. If the settings are changed to ‘Manual’ from ‘Automatic’, then it means your router is at risk.

You can disable malicious DNS by contacting the internet service provider or type the valid DNS by confirming it from the website.

For removing the malicious address from the router, go to ‘Settings’ and perform factory reset function on it. Once done, follow the screen prompts to secure your router against attacks in the future.

How to protect your router for malware?

Follow the below-mentioned steps to protect your router against online threats and malware.

  • Download the latest firmware: Downloading the latest firmware will not serve the purpose until or unless you install it. So, first download, then install the latest version of firmware on your Belkin router.
  • Disable remote access: Don’t allow anyone to take the remote access of router’s administrative page.
  • Change password: Keep on changing the password of router login after a fixed interval of time. This will make difficult for the hackers to guess.
  • Disable UPnP: Last but not least, disable UPnP of your router. The exact definition of the term can be read online. To protect router against vulnerable attacks through the local network, UPnP must be disabled. This program can otherwise entertain entries through a local network.

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