November 28, 2021
Belkin Router

List of five things that can block Wi-Fi and their possible fix

Is your home Wi-Fi working sluggishly? If yes, have you ever tried to identify its reason? The answer is definitely ‘No’. We want to tell you that electronic devices like a cordless phone, monitors and microwave oven affects the Wi-Fi performance. We are going to elaborate it through 5 different things that hamper the Belkin router performance.

  1. Neighbor’s Wi-Fi: It is one of the biggest enemies of your network. This problem arises when all the equipment operates at 2.4 GHz band. There are 3 bands basically and all these can overlap each other if no action is taken at right time.
  2. : Purchase dual-band router that can operate at 2 bands at all times. If we talk of 5 GHz band, it is less congested than the 2.4 GHz band.
  3. Household electronics: Is there any baby monitor, Microwave oven or cordless phone lying near your Wi-Fi?  If yes, then this may affect the streaming experience. All these household items emit radiations and use 2.4 GHz band so it can easily interfere with the 802.11g single-band routers.

Solution: While selecting a baby monitor, check for 900 MHz models like Sony 900 MHz call nursery monitor. You can also go for wireless system with 3G support to existing network.

  1. Bluetooth devices: Though there has been much advancement in the techniques used for connecting two devices with each other. Still, due to some interferences, Wi-Fi doesn’t work as it should be.
  2. : If you are using an old phone with Bluetooth connectivity the only way to connect to the internet, replace it with a new phone with Wi-Fi built-in.
  3. Humans: Humans, however, can be the reason for Wi-Fi interference but it accounts only for 20-30% depending on age and fitness. It has been found out in the research that if a person is standing in front of antenna, it can impact the network performance. Humidity also strikes the Wi-Fi speed but is hardly noticed by novice user.
  4. : Don’t worry about humidity and mass of people gathered around Wi-Fi. Just upgrade your router if necessary otherwise, contact the internet service provider for the same.
  5. Security settings: In older routers, a less secured WEP protocol was available. Now the routers are much secured with WPA and WPA2 protocols. Upgrading the router from WEP to WPA may improve the performance a bit. If we talk of robust devices with WPA2 encryption, the stronger security protocols help in retaining the high speeds on premium routers.
  6. To protect your router against unexpected error or threat from online hackers, you must use the security encryption or enable security on your router. If you are using the new router, don’t forget to enable encryption from the web-based interface. Though this will hardly affect the speed of your Wi-Fi but will protect from unauthorized access by users.

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