January 23, 2022

Is Your iPhone Not Connecting To Belkin Router? Here Are Some Fixes

The issue ‘phone not connecting to the Belkin router’ generally arises if there is some problem with the Wi-Fi settings, router configurations or technical problem with the encryption or password. But, you can easily fix it through the guidelines explained by the technical experts on this page.

We are going to discuss some steps which are necessary for fixing the iphone connection problem with the Belkin router. You must go through the steps and try fixing the problem on your own.

  1. First of all, you need to turn off the cellular data and wait for 5 seconds. Turn the data on again by getting into ‘Settings’ followed by ‘General’. Select ‘Cellular’ icon and move to the next step.
  2. Slide to turn off voice roaming. Turn back on as suggested by Belkin experts.
  3. If the problem is still not solved then turn off your iphone and turn it on after a few seconds. The process of turning off the iphone is quite simple. Just press the power button from the side of the iPhone.
  4. If you have inserted any iPhone case, then remove it and restart it. Iphone external phone cases sometimes affect cellular data strength.
  5. Check if there is any update available for carrier data. This can be checked from the ‘Settings’ menu. Under settings, you will find the ‘General’ tab. Click on ‘About’ and search for an update.
  6. If any update is available, it will start downloading once you confirm. You will find the latest software version on the side of the screen.
  7. Navigate to ‘Settings’ followed by ‘Carriers’. Click on ‘Auto turn off carrier selection’. You need to select the manual mode to turn on/off cellular data.
  8. If you are still getting the problem, then remove the SIM card from your phone and place it back again. Try connecting the phone to the router by turning on Wi-Fi. If it is still not available, then turn on Airplane mode for a while.
  9. Reset your network by getting into ‘Settings’. Search for ‘General’ icon. From here, you will find the ‘Reset’ option at the bottom of the screen. Click to reset the network settings.
  10. When you reset all the settings, everything will get deleted in terms of the wireless network. All SSID’s and passwords.
  11. Press the home button and power button together to force restart your iphone. You will find ‘Apple logo’ on the screen when it gets restarted.
  12. Disable LTE from settings and enable Wi-Fi. Repeat this process twice. This will also refresh the network on your iPhone. LTE for your information is nothing but a cellular network.We offer support for Belkin WiFi Extender and Belkin n300, so if you are using this particular brand of extender and want to know how to do Belkin WiFi Extender setup and Belkin Setup n300, then you can go through the steps given at the Belkin’s Official Support Website: https://www.belkin.com/us/support/

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