January 23, 2022

How to Use Belkin Router As A Switch?

There are some places like offices or buildings where you don’t want your router to perform as per its capability. You may want to connect them to the network so as to work as a switch. Well, if you own a small office where a combination of network devices is required in a bundle, must read the steps to configure it as a switch. Here, we are going to discuss steps for Belkin router.

1st step: Connect the computer to Belkin using Ethernet cable even if there is wireless connection ability in it because some changes may alter the wireless settings.

2nd step: Launch web browser like Internet Explorer or Firefox to do google. Enter the IP address of your router. You can get the default IP address from the manual available with the router.

3rd step: Enter username and password to login to the router. By default, the username and password are ‘Admin’. However, if you have changed once, then this will not work. You will get status of login from the top of the page. A ‘Login successful’ message will also get displayed on the screen.

4th step: Now, configure the router IP next just next to the main router network. Take, for example, if the main router address is, then the router will You will get the settings related to the switch also on the administration page. These are different for different brands.

5th step: Disable DHCP server. This server is used to define the IP address to the computer connected to the router. The function is no longer required when we use a router as a switch.

6th step: Check the settings for the DNS server. The server must be turned off. It is used for translating the address in www form. This function is also not required for the switch.

7th step: Disable all firewall options enabled on the router. This is possible by getting into ‘Settings’ of the Belkin router.

8th step: Check if there are any operating modes given in the ‘Router’ login page. If available, change it to ‘Switch’ from ‘Router’. This will not be done automatically so, you have to do it manually.

9th step: In the 9th step, you need to all the entries relating to port. The port number for games, peer-to-peer software or any other applications are mostly added on the router.

10th step: Go to the wireless settings of your router and check if there is an Access point option available on it or not. If it is available to change it according to the requirement.

11th step: Last but not least, save all the changes you have made so far and restart your router to configure the changes properly. All the extra features will auto turn-off after reset and your Belkin router will start working as switch on the network.

We provide support for Belkin Router setup and Belkin Wifi Extender Setup like no one else. To find out as to how to setup your Belkin router with Wi-Fi extender, you will have to go through the steps given at the official Belkin support website. You can also visit the Belkin’s Support Website: https://www.belkin.com/us/support/

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