November 28, 2021

How To Troubleshoot Your Belkin Wired Router?

Routers, which form the backbone of any wireless network, can take many shapes and sizes. However, no matter what connection or wireless protocol used by your router, there are several common problems your router can experience that can interfere with their normal function. Router related issues are very common and people have different ways of dealing with them. If you too are facing issues with your Belkin Router, then you need to figure out as to how to fix it. This is something that we wanted to help you out with, so if your Router is not working properly or not working at all, then continue reading the post.

Below-mentioned is some of the basic troubleshooting steps that you can follow to determine the source of the problem and find a solution that will allow your router back up and running.

Steps for fixing problems in your router:

  1. Make sure the power and Ethernet cords are connected to the router and their respective ports. This is a good place to start your troubleshooting, as loose cords are a simple fixed problem.
  2. Cycle the power supply by unplugging the power cable from the back of the router (but leaving the power cable connected to the wall). Then wait 10 seconds, and then reconnect the power cable back into the back of the router. The lights blink and then should be able to be sent back to the router.
  3. Visit the IP address of your router (see the owner’s manual) and access the Setup Utility. Check your settings and make sure your router is still broadcasting the right signal and your default security settings are still in place.
  4. Go to the Channel Settings area in your configuration utility and try changing the wireless channel. If you live in a dense urban area where wireless signals may overlap, the channel you are trying to use may be occupied by another wireless signal.
  5. Reset the router. The reset function can be found in the configuration utility and is the last resort because it allows you to disable the router and remove all settings and cache associated with the device. Once reset, you can reinstall the router you made when you first set it up.

This is how you can resolve the problems befalling in your router. In case, the aforementioned steps fail to solve the problems in your router, then you will have to get in touch with Belkin router experts because now, only they can provide you with the best solution to your router related issues.

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