January 23, 2022
belkin wireless router setup

How To protect Your Belkin Wireless Router In Simple Ways?

When it comes to protecting your Belkin wireless router, you can opt for little yet highly effective tricks. You will be surprised to know that there are many ways of turning your wireless network into an impregnable fortress.

Guaranteeing maximum security to your router, in fact, is equivalent to defending the entrance of your home: the risk of an unprotected network is not only that some stranger “exploits” your internet connection, but also that it accesses sensitive data such as for the example the accesses of the web accounts.

Therefore, in addition to the use of the security protocols mentioned above, it is good practice to enter the administrator password before accessing the router configuration web page; the activation of this password (which is not the same as the SSID, i.e., the wireless network) will allow you to block any changes to the router settings by other users. Obviously, even now, we need to follow the first, fundamental rule to protect a Belkin router, like any other device: change the default password, possibly with a particularly difficult one against potential intruders.

To change the administrator password, simply go to the router configuration web page and click on the “Login” section, where you need to enter the administrator password, which, as we have just seen, must be different and more complex than the default one.
Another trick to discover how to protect a Belkin router at its best is to put yourself in the shoes of the “enemy”, that is, of the potential exploiter of your network. To do this, you first need to know the most popular programs to gain access to wireless networks, such as WEP and WPA Key Generator, which you can use to test how secure your connection is.

Another trick, trivial but not trivial to increase the protection of your Belkin router is to choose the right place to place it. In this regard, a good tip to follow is to remove the router as much as possible from the street or wall that separates your apartment from that of your neighbour, so that the signal is weaker and the “connection thieves” are at a disadvantage.

Another fundamental expedient to understand how to protect a Belkin router in the best way is to install a firewall. If in fact, your passwords are de-encrypted, you have to run for cover and, in the absence of a firewall, anyone has the possibility to access your shared folders.

All operating systems have a default firewall, but on the web, there are many others to download and easy to use, such as Comodo Firewall, or Ashampoo Firewall, which must be configured to reduce to the bone the chances of strangers accessing your network.

How to protect a Belkin router: conclusion

Protecting your network, in fact, is important not only to not allow outsiders to “consume” it but also to defend sensitive data on your PC. As we have seen, moreover, the choice of “intruder-proof” passwords, the positioning of the router (to which we add it’s turning off if you go away for a trip) and the installation of a valid firewall are excellent expedients to further enhance the security of your router.

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