January 22, 2022
belkin router setup

How To Fix The Problems if the Belkin Router Is not working?

Are you not able to access the IP address on your Belkin Router? Do you also want to configure the Wi-Fi settings, but getting ‘Duplicate’ error by the admin? Here is how you can solve both these problems through easy steps.

Using your Internet browser, you can access the router’s advanced Web-Based User Interface. Go to “”. In case, you set a custom IP address then you can also restore the factory default settings using the reset button.

Restore Factory Defaults

Press and hold the Reset button for at least ten seconds, then release it. The router lights flash momentarily. The power indicator light will begin flashing. When the power indicator light becomes solid again, the process is complete. You should be able to access the router interface in your browser with the above IP address.

You will see the router page in the browser window. The home page is visible to any user who wants to see it. To make changes to the router settings, you have to log in. Clicking on any of the links on the home page or clicking the “Login” button will take you to the Belkin Router’s login screen. The router doesn’t have a password by default. At the login screen, keep the password field blank followed by clicking the “Submit” button to enter.

One computer at a time can log in to the router for purposes of making changes to the settings of your Belkin Router. Once you are logged in to make changes, the computer can be disconnected in two ways. Clicking the “Logout” button will register the computer. The second method is automatic. The login will expire after a certain amount of time. The default login timeout is 10 minutes. This can be changed from 1 to 99 minutes.

One of the things that many people tend to forget when setting up their wireless network is to change the default password of the router. These default passwords can be easily found on the Internet and thus provide no significant protection.

Not changing the default login allows unauthorized users to easily access the security settings of your router, spy on your Internet usage, steal your passwords and more.

Especially when using a weak (WEP) or no encryption for your wireless network, changing the default password is crucial.

Let’s verify your router is working properly:

  1. Determine the IP address of your router. It is often similar to or depending on your hardware.
  2. Now enter the IP address in your Internet browser – you will see a password prompt.
  3. Determine the brand of your wireless router and model number, and then check the list below for the default username and password of your router.
  4. Enter the user name and password combination at the password prompt.
  5. Once the interface has loaded, look for a menu that refers to “Router Administration” or “Router Configuration”.
  6. Change the default password for a secure password and save your settings.

That’s how you can fix the fix the problem of Belkin Router not working. In case, the problem continues to exist, then take help of Belkin tech support providers.

We provide support for Belkin Router setup and Belkin Extender Setup like no one else. To find out as to how to setup your Belkin router with Wi-Fi extender, you will have to go through the steps given at the official Belkin support website. For further information, you can visit the Belkin’s website: https://www.belkin.com

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