January 23, 2022
Belkin Router Setup

How To Fix ‘No Wi-Fi Access’ On Your Belkin Router?

A router is used to access the internet wirelessly, but if you are not able to do so, then there is no use of having a router. Belkin router is one of the most trusted router brands in the world. It offers fast and smooth wireless connectivity to multiple devices at a time. However, if you are unable to access Wi-Fi through Belkin router, then here is what you will have to do.

Connect via Ethernet to troubleshoot

  1. Connect an Ethernet cable into the Ethernet jack on your Belkin Router, which is either given at the top or at the back of the router. The other end of the router goes into the Ethernet port on your PC.
  2. Once the connection between both device is established, the open web browser on your computer and enter ‘’ in the address bar and hit ‘Enter’. With that, the Belkin router webpage opens on the screen. If it doesn’t open, reset TCP/IP settings.
  3. Click the ‘Login’ button and enter a password. If you haven’t created a password before, then leave the field empty and click ‘Login’.

Reset Windows TCP/IP Settings

  1. Click the ‘Start’ button.
  2.  Enter ‘CMD’ in the ‘Start Search’ box. Right-click ‘CMD’ in the Windows search result followed by selecting ‘Run as Admin’ option to launch the command prompt.
  3. Type ‘netsh in ip reset c:\resetlog.txt’ and then, press ‘Enter’.
  4. Restart your PC when prompted.

Check Wi-Fi Security Settings

  1. Click the ‘Encryption’ option given under ‘Wireless’ section on the left pane. That opens the ‘Wireless security’ window. There are various types of encryption offered by Belkin routers within two modes. WEP and WPA are the two most widely used encryption types used by Belkin Routers.
  2. Check ‘Security Mode’ drop-down menu. If that says ‘Disabled’, then the wireless encryption isn’t enabled on the network, so the problem you’re facing doesn’t have anything to do with security. If the selected option is ’64 bit WEP’, ‘128 bit WEP’ ‘WPA/PA2- Personal’, ‘WPA PSK’ or other ‘WPA’ or ‘WEP’ mode, then the wireless security is activated on the router. In this case, you need to check if an appropriate key is entered in Windows OS.
  3. Check ‘passphrase’ field because the key has to be entered on all devices that want to connect through Belkin’s Wi-Fi service when security is activated.
  4. Click ‘Wireless’ icon on the taskbar and click to select your Belkin router from available networks list followed by clicking ‘Connect’. When asked, enter the passphrase.

If the problem doesn’t solve even now, then read on.

Check wireless broadcast settings

  1. Open Belkin Web Interface again.
  2. Click ‘Channel and SSID’ link, which you can find at the top of the ‘Wireless’ section on the left pane.
  3. Find ‘Broadcast SSID’ box and see if this field is selected. If it isn’t, then check the box corresponding to the ‘Broadcast SSID’ option and click ‘Apply Changes’ button.

If the problem still persists, then you will have to reset your router. For that, you need to follow these steps:

  1. Find the ‘Utilities’ section, which is close to the bottom of the left pane.
  2. Click ‘Restore Factory Default’ link and as you do so, you will see information as to what things will be reset during the process. Confirm the step and then, click the ‘Restore Defaults’ button on the screen. With that, you get a prompt along with a message from a webpage dialog box.
  3. Click ‘OK’ on this dialog box to confirm. The router will restore and reboot automatically. Restart your PC once the router reboots. We can help you for Belkin Router setup and Belkin Extender Setup like no one else. To find out as to how to setup your Belkin router with Wi-Fi extender, you will have to go through the steps given at the official Belkin support website: https://www.belkin.com/us/support/

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