January 23, 2022
belkin wireless router setup

How To Fix A Faulty Belkin Router That Is Resulting In Frequent Disconnecting Of The Internet?

Are you suddenly disconnected from the Internet? Well, this is not a rare problem but in fact a very common one. Many netizens are dealing with this problem, which is why we are here to fix it. The router that we’ll be using in the process is going to be Belkin Router, so if you are using a Belkin Router, then you can easily fix the problem. However, the process doesn’t change much for other brands of routers so you can follow the same process if you are using a non-Belkin router.

  • There are many kinds of routers disconnected from the network, with each having their own unique reasons. First, you have to confirm that the network environment is normal. You can connect a computer to the router directly through the cat or the community broadband port to connect to the external network. If you can’t access the Internet at this time, then it is due to the external network. Try to call, if you don’t, you can only apply for repairs. Then there may be problems with ADSL cats, networks, etc. Try changing cats and network cables.
  • The voltage instability may also cause the router to not work properly. Don’t let CATs, routers, and high-powered appliances use the same plug. Also, pay attention to heat dissipation. It is best not to place the wireless router next to the household appliance. In order to avoid electromagnetic interference, the wireless network signal of the wireless router is confusing.
  • Make sure that the internet address and the external address do not conflict. This problem is often encountered when using cell broadband Internet access. Before setting up the router, you will have to find out if the default management address of the router isn’t interfering with your cell network. If you don’t know how to check it, then call your ISP or use the computer to go online and check the IP address in the network card option, which is the network segment you are on.
  • Make sure that there is no redundant DHCP server in the network. Pay attention to whether your ADSL CAT also has a DHCP function. This will conflict with the DHCP function of the router. In fact, there are not many computers used in the home, so you can disable the DHCP function, but entering the IP address on the computer manually. Doing that will also reduce the devices that are connected to the router, which you are not aware of at all.
  • The situation that QQ cannot open the webpage is mostly caused by incorrect DNS settings. View the DNS server address on the router and computer, and the DHCP service settings in the router management interface. You need to manually set the DNS server address, which can be consulted by your broadband provider.
  • In order to limit the number of access users, some broadband providers bind the MAC to address on the authentication server. We can use the MAC address cloning function on the router. For that, connect the computer with the MAC address bound to the LAN port of the router, and then use the MAC address cloning function to copy the MAC address of the NIC to the WAN port of the broadband router.
  • Another possibility for routers to disconnect from the network is because the amount of data is too large. It may be because the data traffic caused by BT, eMule, etc. is too large, so the router can’t handle it. It takes up a lot of resources, so when downloading, we have to make some necessary settings to avoid disconnection.

These are the common reasons as to why your internet connection is disconnecting so frequently. However, we have explained the solutions as well, so you just need to try those in order to restore the functionality of your Belkin Router.

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