January 23, 2022

How To Find The Default IP Address Of A Belkin Router?

If you have ever checked your broadband router, then you would see there are two IP addresses assigned to it, one for connecting to outside networks such as the internet and the second one is for communicating with devices located inside the network.

Internet service providers offer a public IP address for the outside connection. Your router manufacturer sets a default private IP address that can be used for local networking, which is controlled by the home network administrator. If you’re using a Belkin router, then the default IP address is going to be

Belkin Router Default IP Address Settings

When a router is manufactured, it is given a default IP address, the value of which depends on the brand and model of router.

The administrator needs to know the address to connect to the console of the router via a web browser in order to change wireless password, enable or disable dynamic host configuration protocol (DHCP), set up port forwarding or set custom DNS (Domain Name System). If you connect any device to a Belkin router with a default IP address, then it can access the router console using a web browser. You just need to enter ‘’ in the address bar of the web browser.

This address is also known as the default gateway address as the client devices depend on the router to provide them with a gateway to the internet. At times, computer operating systems make use of this term on their network configuration menus.

Default Usernames & Passwords

You will be asked for an admin username and password prior to accessing the router console. You were supposed to change this information when you set up the router for the first time. If you didn’t change it, then here is what you can enter in the default username and password.

  1. Default Username: admin, Admin or leave the field blank.
  2. Default Password: admin, password or leave the field blank.

In case you have changed the defaults and can’t remember the new credentials, then you will have to reset the router followed by entering the default username and password. On your Belkin router, you need to press the reset button that is located on the back of the router. Press and hold the reset button for 30-60 seconds.

About Resetting Belkin Router

When you reset the Belkin router, then all the network settings, including the local IP address and manufacturer’s defaults. Even if an admin has changed the default address before, if you reset the router, then the default address will be changed to the default.

Resetting the router is not something that you would do quite often, but when the router was updated with incorrect settings or invalid data, then that results in no response to admin connection requests.

If you unplug the power or use the on/off switch on the router, then that is not going to bring the IP address settings of the router to defaults. You need to perform a software reset to factory defaults needs to take place.

How to change the default IP address of the router

When you turn on the router, it uses the same private network address unless it is changed by the admin. You should change the default IP address to avoid any IP address conflict with a modem or another router that is already installed on the network.

Many people opt to use an address, which is easy to remember. There is no benefit in network performance or security accomplished from using anybody’s private IP address over another.

When you change the router’s default IP address, it won’t affect other admin settings on the router such as DNS address values, passwords or network mask. There won’t be any effect on connections to the internet.

A few internet service providers track and authorize home networks according to the router or modem’s MAC (media access control) address but not the local IP addresses.

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