January 22, 2022
belkin router setup

How To Enhance The Speed Of Your Wireless Network Without Changing The Router?

Belkin routers are popular for offering best-in-class speed and efficiency in terms of networks. However, it is quite impossible to re-configure the router with the new device.

If you are using the old model Belkin router and getting speed issue on it, then you might be wanting to replace it. This replacement will approximately cost 200 to $250 but this is not the right decision according to our viewpoint.

It is recommended to use another router along with the existing router. This will help you in getting the maximum networking speed on all the devices and the configuration process is easy too. This will save some bucks from the pocket and boost the signal strength.

Suggestions and tips

We are going to let you know some suggestions and tips for enhancing the speed and coverage of your home network through a Belkin router. To connect the devices to the network, first of all, switch off all the devices and switch on Belkin router only after this, wait for a while till the device gets refreshed. Open Belkin app from the device and start configuring the devices one by one.


Location plays a significant role in the signal strength if you have placed a router near electronic devices that emit electromagnetic radiations like Wireless phone, Microwave oven, and TV. These devices emit rays which affect the signal reception on receiving devices. To come up with this problem, you can use Ethernet cable for connecting the modem directly to the router. This will bypass all the radiations emitted from nearby devices.

If you have placed a device away from the networking devices, then it may change the signal strength. If you have more than one floor in your house, then placing the router and modem at a different level with change the signal strength. You can either purchase the high-end extender or connect the device to the modem through Ethernet cable.


After selecting the right location, another thing to keep in mind is ‘Selecting the right settings on your router’.

Connect your Belkin router to the computer through Ethernet cable. Disable Wireless network from the device. Open ‘Belkin’ page and check the ‘Base station’. To turn off the wireless device, you need to click on the ‘Edit’ option from the ‘Wireless’ tab. Don’t forget to check the update for your router firmware, if it is available, then download it immediately and it will automatically get installed.

The main thing to check is ‘Wireless’ radio, if you have turned this off, then no need to change anything. You will soon find that the router has started working normally. If you are still having trouble, you can contact Belkin experts. They know the solution to every problem.

If you want to know how to do Belkin WiFi Extender setup, then you can go through the steps given at our website. Or, you can directly get in touch with our Belkin experts by calling us at our toll-free number. We also provide support for Belkin Router setup like no one else. Hence, if you have any issues related to the setup, then call us.

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