November 28, 2021
belkin router setup

How To Easily Know Which Devices Are Connected To A Router?

Having control over your router is important to maintain good functioning along with safety. By control, we mean that you should know what equipment is connected to your router. Therefore, if you see something suspicious, you will be able to see if there is a security problem. Luckily, you have several ways to obtain this information. Today’s discussion is on finding how to see which devices are connected to the Belkin router from the computer itself, through Windows and from the mobile.

How to know which devices are connected to your Belkin router from mobile?

It is a reality that mobile devices these days have displaced desktop computers in many cases. Many use them to navigate, use social networks, and manage information. In short, a wide range of possibilities. This means that they are also devices from which you connect very frequently to the Internet.

We will explain how to know what equipment is connected to our router from the mobile itself. There are several tools that we have available for this. We are going to use Fing, an interesting free tool. In a quick way, it shows us all the devices that are connected to a router.

It should be mentioned that this program is free. This information shows it without registering, but we can also create a user and obtain more information.

You will be seeing some of the important data such as the name of the device, the MAC address or operating system that uses, model and IP address. It also shows you, if it is a mobile, computer or television. In short, a useful tool to see at a glance what equipment is connected to our router.

This program helps us to improve security since we will be able to avoid intruders that there is in our router. If you see that something does not fit, then, you will have to take measures to strengthen our defenses.

How to see which devices are connected to the router from Windows?

As in the previous case for mobile devices, you can also find different tools on desktop computers. You can choose Wireless Network Watcher, which is a totally free program, simple and easy to use.

It offers different functions, among which you can highlight the possibility of seeing which devices are connected to our router. This is useful if you want to know at any given time if there is an intruder in your Wi-Fi network.

Its operation is quite simple. The first thing to do is to download it. Once you have it on your device, you can proceed to execute it. It should be mentioned that no installation is needed.

As soon as you open it, the information of the different devices connected to our Wi-Fi router will appear. It shows information about the MAC address, IP, device name, etc.

How to see connected devices from the router?

Finally, you have the option to know which computers are connected to our Wi-Fi, accessing the router. This is something that our devices offer, although it is not always the same. Of course, the procedure will be similar.

The first thing you have to do is access the router. Normally it is through the default gateway and you put the data to access. Once inside you will have to go to Settings (perhaps advanced settings) and enter the device information.

At this point, you will see different sections, however, the point of interest for you should be the term called DHCP. This is where the list of devices that have been connected will appear.

You will now see information such as the device name, MAC address or IP appearing on the screen. That’s how you can check which devices are connected to your router.

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