January 22, 2022
belkin router setup

How To Connect A Belkin Home Router To An Acer Laptop?

A Belkin home router is a device that allows multiple computers to connect with each other and share network resources, i.e. printers and Internet connection. Belkin is a California-based manufacturer of computer hardware and accessories.

Acer is a Taiwan-based computer company that gained market share in North America instantly when it purchased the Texas Instrument notebook division in 1997. Although neither Belkin nor Acer is a category leader, both companies have a solid track record and great reputation.


  1. Connect your Belkin home router to the cable or DSL modem using an Ethernet cable. Check that it is connected to the “WAN” socket on the router, which is indicated by the network icon, and not one of the numbered “LAN” sockets. Turn on the modem, wait 45 seconds and then turn on the router.
  2. Confirm your Acer laptop contains a wireless card by right-clicking on the “My Computer” icon (found in the “Start” menu) and selecting “Properties” and then “Hardware”. Double click on “Device Manager” and you will see all the wireless cards listed under the “Network Cards” item. Almost all Acers released since 2005 contain built-in wireless functionality.
  3. Connect the laptop to the router to set it up. If your laptop is wireless, click on the wireless network icon in the “taskbar” (located in the lower right corner of the screen) and select the “Belkin” network. If not, connect an Ethernet cable to the network socket on the Acer and connect the other end to one of the numbered sockets on the back of the router.
  4. Start a web browser and type in the address bar. Leave the password field empty and click on the “Submit” button. The router configuration screen will open.
  5. Add a password to prevent users from changing any of the router settings. Click on the “System Settings” tab, leave the “Type your current password” field empty, and enter a password in the two fields below (“Type your new password” and “Confirm new password”) and click on the “Apply Changes button”.
  6. Assign a new name to the wireless network by selecting the “Channel and SSID” tab in the left column and entering the new wireless network name in the appropriate field.
  7. Select the “Security” tab and establish wireless security by changing the “WEP” security and entering the wireless password in the “Key 1” field. Save your settings by clicking “Apply changes”.
  8. If you have an ADSL Internet connection, select “Connection type” in the “InternetWAN” tab on the configuration page. Then select “PPPoE” as the connection type, and enter your DSL username and password in the appropriate fields and click on “Apply Changes”. Your DSL username and password are provided by the DSL provider and are usually included in the initial package together with the DSL modem.
  9. Disconnect your Acer laptop from the router if you are using an Ethernet cable. Connect to the wireless network with your Acer (or another computer) to confirm that you have access to the Internet.

Tips and Warnings:

If there is a power surge, turn on the modem, router and all computers on the network (in this order), wait 45 seconds between each.

Never give your wireless network easy-to-spot passwords.

Losing the password will require resetting the drive, as described in step 1, and repeating the whole process.

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