January 22, 2022
belkin wireless router setup

How To Configure Wireless Bridge With Belkin Wireless G Router?

When the business grows, your chair may stay too far from the Belkin router and it would be difficult to maintain a stable connection on your computer or laptop.

You can enhance the range of your Wi-Fi signal by adding a second Belkin wireless G router close to the employees sitting at far away location from the main router. The second router will work in bridge mode.

Router setup

  • Mark first router as ‘A’ and second as ‘B’. Connect the computer to the router A using the Ethernet cable.
  • Open a browser and go to ‘Router setup’ page entering the IP address of Belkin router.
  • Tap login and sign-in with the correct password. If you want, you can leave the field as it is without entering any information.
  • Tap ‘Submit’.
  • Go to different labels available on the screen. It includes LAN, IP address, and Subnet mask. All available under ‘LAN settings’.
  • Click ‘Channel and SSID’.
  • Set the wireless mode and SSID and note down the values for protected mode.
  • Go to ‘Security’ from the main section and enter ‘Security type’. Enter the passphrase of your choice. If you want to set the default values, click ‘Router setup’ records.
  • Close the internet browser and unplug the router from the computer.

How to set up a second router

  • Connect anyone port of your Belkin router to the computer using Ethernet cable.
  • Open the browser and enter in the address bar followed by ‘Enter’.
  • Tap ‘Log in’ and enter the password.
  • Note down all settings of your router LAN/WAN/MAC from the status screen.
  • Select ‘Channel and SSID’ from the wireless menu and set the same value for router A. Make the modes same on both the routers.
  • Go to ‘Security’ and select ‘Security mode’. Enter the passphrase of your choice.
  • Click ‘Apply changes’.
  • Under ‘LAN settings’, go to ‘IP address’ option and enter it for router A and B.
  • Tap ‘Off’ to turn off the DHCP server and apply changes.
  • Go to browser screen and enter the login address of your router. Press ‘Enter’ and check the new IP address. Enter the password and username on the next page to login back to the router.
  • Don’t forget to click on the box which says, ‘Enable wireless bridging’ and ‘Enable only specific access points’. Enter ‘Mac address for router A’ and label it as ‘AP1’. Click to save changes.
  • Go to ‘Firewall’ settings from the main screen and click on the ‘Disable’ button. Save the settings. Now disconnect the router from the computer by removing the Ether cable.

The steps for configuring router first are almost the same as that of router second. The only difference being change in the Mac address and the bridging mode. After this, test the router in a bridge mode by connecting the devices which are covered by router B.

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