January 22, 2022
belkin wireless router setup

How To Setup Parental Control On Belkin Wireless Router?

Parental controls are necessary if you want to stop your child or guest from using your home network in your absence. You can setup parental controls in any smart device. However steps are different for different devices. Today, we are going to discuss steps to configure parental controls on Belkin wireless router.

The steps will work on all Belkin router models and you don’t find any need to go to other website for any kind of help. You will be able to setup the controls on your own.

If you want to block any website on your computer browser or on smartphone, then you can setup parental controls. Before proceeding further, it must be kept in mind that you have connected the router to desktop or laptop either wirelessly or with wired.

1st step: Launch web browser like Internet explorer, Mozilla browser or Google Chrome.

2nd step: In the address bar, enter IP address of your wireless router. It is ‘’. You must enter it carefully. Press ‘Enter’.

3rd step: Click ‘Login’ to go to ‘Setup’ page.

4th step: You will be prompted to login. Enter login username and password. The login details are available in the hardware itself.

5th step: Click ‘Submit’.

6th step: Go to ‘Parental controls’ from ‘Advanced’ section. If you don’t find ‘Parental’ controls on home screen, go to ‘Search’ button.

7th step: Go to ‘Website filters’.

8th step: Select that filter which best suits your need. If you don’t know what options you can select, here are 4 services for you. Don’t forget to click on ‘Apply changes’ option.

4 different ways to setup parental control

  1. You can block malicious websites or one that is not fit for family or children. Any adult website which is meant only for adults can be blocked under scam websites/malware websites section.
  2. Block all malicious and adult pages. You can block all phishing, malware websites having sexual explicit content.
  3. Stop malicious sites like phishing/scam or malware for websites only.
  4. No filters, if you don’t want to setup parental controls or disable website filter option, then select ‘No filter’.
  5. Select any one option and click ‘Save’.

After saving the configuration, you can exit from window. Restart your wireless router by switching it off and turn it on after 5 seconds. You can also powercycle your device by disconnecting it directly from power supply and connect it back after 10 seconds.

Note: If you want to setup parental controls according to timing like when you are out of home or if you want to set up at particular time, then select timing. You can select time frame from given options.

We can help you with Belkin Wireless router setup and Belkin Wifi Extender Setup process. To know the right way of setting up Belkin routers, you don’t have to waste your time browsing the web. You just need to go through the steps given at the official Belkin support website: https://www.belkin.com/us/support/

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